Divine legends

Recognized for its innovation – notably with G’Vine gin, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal and Cîroc vodka – Maison Villevert has launched into the herbal liqueurs category with Anderos, a brand inspired by Celtic and Breton mythology.

With an approach based on consumption motivations and the foundations of the brand (liquid, name, imagery), the concept proposed by the agency explores the associated universes and symbols by integrating main theme, story, tone of voice, personality and graphic inspirations.

On a standard green bottle, the main label features a carefully designed logotype with an “A” adorned with a Celtic knot motif and a blade reminiscent of druid sickles. In the center, the illustration reveals an enigmatic face (man, druid, god?) combined with botanical elements, a serpent symbolizing the underworld, and roots of the tree of life transforming into a Celtic knot, all enhanced by a relief screen-printed varnish and a red hot stamp, adding a touch of elegance to the bottle.

The POS elements and service materials highlight the central character and the mysterious forest origins of the brand.


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Brand and product concept

In the Celtic tradition, Anderos is a mythical, fiery underground place where the Tree of Life spreads its roots, where souls, spirits coexist, and where the forces of the world act.

Integral members of this culture, the Druids were the only ones allowed to practice certain rites, including the composition of brews facilitating the passage of souls from one world to another.

These potions were composed of plants, each with its own virtues, which the Druids used to advance on their initiatory path. Some were essential: mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), also known as “fire herb”, or the great gentian (Gentiana lutea), or “yellow fairy”, all with very specific virtues.

In homage to the ancient customs of the Celtic Druids, Anderos combines slow maceration and gentle distillation of a secret recipe of herbs where mugwort and gentian dominate.