From product to brand

Launched by Brasserie Licorne as a tactical product within the tequila-flavored beer category in the 2000s, El Grande now aims to establish itself as a true brand to attract consumers in the category and conquer a new position on the market.

Keen to develop a territory that is both authentic and original, surpassing the Mexican archetypes of the category, the agency relied on two key facts around the jaguar to breathe new life into the brand:
largest species of feline in the Americas, the jaguar is frequently associated with the term “El Grande” in Mexican folklore due to its imposing size
• i
n Aztec culture, the jaguar was a sacred and powerful animal to the point that the sun warriors (military elite) wore jaguar skin costumes and masks

The result is a total metamorphosis of the brand, characterized by:
• a new, very impactful and visually recognizable logo
• a singular representation of a jaguar head wearing an Aztec helmet, with agave leaves serving as feathers
• a color and graphic universe rooted in the rich Aztec culture

With this creative transformation that transcends the ordinary and positions the new brand as a dominant force, El Grande is ready to conquer the market with its visual impact, captivating narrative and distinctive cultural anchoring.


New concept development
Brand identity
Graphic guidelines
Label graphic design
Box & coffret design
Brand speech
Visual territory

Brand concept

In the image of the burning star that rises every morning, the Aztec warriors emerged from the darkness of uncertainty and rose like blazing suns, carrying the courage of the jaguar, a symbol of power and bravery also known as El Jaguar El Grande due to its imposing size.

Like warriors of the sun and jaguars, they danced in the balance between life and death, between light and shadow, transcending human limits to turn challenges into opportunities and setbacks into advancements.

With El Grande, let us draw inspiration from the warriors of the sun and the strength of the jaguar by shining our own inner light. Let us embrace the challenge of life with courage and determination, thus illuminating our own path and leaving a brilliant mark on the world around us.