Full metal jacket

Raki is the Turkish anise-flavored spirit found around the Mediterranean and the Middle East under different names: pastis, arak, ouzo or sambucca. Owned by Diageo Turkey, Tekirdag Rakisi is the leading brand of the raki high-end segment. Tekirdag N°10 is its prestige cuvée, handmade and distilled three times in a single copper pot still.

For the New Year period, Megusta leveraged the copper imagery specific to distillation and the Mashrabiya pattern present on the bottle to create a striking gift pack that tells the story of the product. Its lid in the shape of a dome evokes the pot still, and sublimates the copper ring present
on the bottle neck. The combination of varnish, embossing and debossing bring texture and create added sophistication.


Structural design
Box & coffret design
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