Let there be light

Raki is the Turkish anise-flavored spirit found around the Mediterranean and the Middle East under different names: pastis, arak, ouzo or sambucca. Owned by Diageo Turkey, Tekirdag Rakisi is the leading brand of the raki high-end segment.

To develop a series of promotional gift packs for the range for the holiday season, Megusta leveraged the link between raki and the Ottoman culture, using a strong feature of its identity: the mosaic.

The caracteristic shape of the Tekirdag Rakisi bottle is outlined and highly visible, which ensures immediate brand recognition in an legal environnement where brand communication is severely limited.

The combination of matt and glossy varnish gives vibrancy to the mosaic squares, while the embossing bring texture and relief. The design is applied to 3 products, and adorned with shades of blue, gold or black.


Box design
Limited edition
Promotional packaging
Brand activation