135° EAST

Going West

Created by Marussia Beverages after the acquisition of the Kaikyo distillery, super premium Japanese gin brand 135° East takes its name from the meridian line that goes though the town of Akashi, where the distillery is located.

Based on the brand platform work done beforehand, the agency delves into the creation of the visual concept and of the brand signature – “Stimulate the unexpected” – that expresses the brand’s emotional benefit. The work on the Brand Book starts with the copywriting of the brand manifesto, followed by all accompanying texts, and ends with its actual graphic production.

The visual draws its inspiration from the vintage style of advertising billboards from the Taisho era. The meticulous composition is built around a vertical line – symbolozing the 135° meridian – while leveraging the bottle’s dominant red colour code and the botanical ingredients used in the formulation of the gin and displayed on the label. The brand book capitalizes on the graphic codes of the key visual and establishes the brand fundamentals.


Brand signature
Brand book
Graphic guidelines
Brand speech
Visual territory
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