Bless your temptations

Revive a port brand called “Dos Santos” to make it a different and quality one: this at first seemed a steep hill to climb given the large number of historical brands in a category with little innovation and with a very common family name.

To crack this riddle, we dived into the brand elements that were available and redefined the brand as follow:

• brand promise: “Porto dos Santos blesses your temptations”, as in a world full of rules, we want to enjoy ourselves without guilt.
• brand architecture: White wines, light and gold, express the temptation of possession of material things; crimson and red Ruby wines symbolize carnal lust and desire; warm Tawnies recall the pleasures of food and gluttony.
• packaging: for each of the product groups, a celestial creature overseas the scene of temptation, surrounded by symbols of order, balance and harmony, underlining there is always a possibility to rise towards a holier life.
• brand signature: “Heaven can wait” is an invitation to enjoy the good things in life…
• brand story: written as a religious Parable so that words and form meet!


Brand platform
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Brand architecture
Brand signature
Brand identity
Graphic guidelines
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Brand speech

Brand Manifesto

In the beginning was the Douro.
Mighty river of Portugal, enchanted valley predestined for divine wines.
At the heart of this paradise, the Dos Santos family created a glorious Port.
Crafted with rigor, it spoke of a devotion to the earth, of righteous rewards for honest labor.
Dos Santos believes in virtue.

But one man’s virtue is another man’s vice.
For the spirit may be willing, but the body is weak.
Like impassioned Icarus, Dos Santos soared too close to the sun.
Yet from its ashes, this phoenix rose anew.
Dos Santos believes in temptation.

It is said that the Douro is nine months of winter, and three of hell.
Yet from this hell comes a Port worthy of heaven.
Through endurance, abundance. Through toil, generosity. Through dryness, exuberance.
We embrace it all, for one cannot exist without the other.
Dos Santos believes in diversity.

Will you feast in the garden of earthly delights?
Our luscious Tawnies dare you to resist.
Come let us worship at the altar of Bacchus.
Let us luxuriate in the pleasures of the table.
Dos Santos believes in self-indulgence.

You only live once, so live like a prince.
Our glittering Whites dazzle the senses.
Because you deserve all of the world’s finest treasures.
And what would the Golden Rule be without gold?
Dos Santos believes in prosperity.

Taste and exult in the joys of the flesh.
Our voluptuous Rubies bring pleasure just shy of carnal.
Provocative in their luster, tantalizing in their opulence.
Dance with the satyrs, romp with the nymphs.
Dos Santos believes in decadence.

Divinely sinful yet shamefully good, Dos Santos believes that heaven can wait.