Fruit and pep

For VERY, a brand of Flavored Wine-Based Beverages (BABV), owned by the Castel Frères group, the launch of flavored sparkling wines in 25cl bottles (6,5% alc./vol.) aimed to expand its audience to beer and other alcoholic beverage consumers, and to cater to different consumption occasions with a more portable format.

Mandated to create the branding and packaging for the new range of red fruit wines, the agency sought not just to replicate the existing format of bottles and the citrus version with a simple representation of red fruits, but to bring an extra touch of elegance, style, and energy. In the same spirit of going beyond, she favors the field of connotation (secondary meaning) to that of denotation (primary meaning) in her reflection on the naming of the range.

While the brand is still present, it is accompanied by a new range name resulting from a collaborative effort with the Castel teams: Freshizz’, which expresses both freshness and effervescence.

The depiction of the fruit, central to the product proposition, is rendered with a blend of hyperrealism and watercolor, a treatment that conveys


Brand identity
Label graphic design
Box & coffret design