Head in the stars

Former kayaking champion Diego Valsecchi has become the founder of an iconic boutique wine brand in Argentina by discovering one of the most stunning wine growing area on the altiplano of his home country. Following a first collaboration on his first brand, Megusta was commissioned once again by Diego to create his new biodynamic range of still and sparkling wines, Ritmo Lunar, originating in the Salta region at an altitude of 2000 meters.

The stunning brand symbols of Ritmo Lunar portrays a vine leaf with one half sporting furrows drawn in the earth, while the other half shows a dark blue sky with stars and moon evocative of the influence of celestial bodies on the life of the vine.
The brand is available first with the Ritmo Lunar core range, with La Campesina and its embossed vortex, with Pueblo Andino showing an illustration of the Cafayate valley with symbols of biodynamic agriculture, and with the super, Sideral, an “astral” sparkling wine.

Ritmo Lunar. A gift from heaven to earth.


Brand identity
Label graphic design