A brand of yesterday and today

The Boisset Group wished to give a new impetus to its Guillaume de Vergy Crémant de Bourgogne: a brand that takes its name from a great Burgundian family which traces back to the Merovingian dynasty.

After a digging work through archives to find identity assets attached to the history of the family, the brand loses its surname “Guillaume” upon our recommendation:  besides a more compact brand block, “de Vergy” is easier to memorize in non-French speaking countries.

On the labels, the “de Vergy” name lives through a strong and powerful emblem. The crest prominently displays a “cinquefoil”, the heraldic symbol of the powerful de Vergy family. The brand also lives on through the family motto “Sans varier” (does not vary) that expresses deep values of constancy, righteousness and authenticity.


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